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Partner Recruitment

Expansion comes from recruiting and developing the best people. It is our strongly held belief that building Racoe into the UK’s best management consultancy can only be achieved by recruiting the best individuals. We are looking for individuals with outstanding levels of determination, empathy and integrity.

The Racoe business is not for everyone, anyone can do it, but not everyone will delight in making every business they work with better, when we are offered the opportunity to work with a new client we get the opportunity to deliver more profit to the owners, more job security to the staff, added levels of safety and compliance to staff and clients, and improved products and services to our clients, clients. We can, and do make a real difference.

We get paid not for hours behind a desk, not for great salesmanship, Racoe and its team are rewarded by enhancing our clients businesses.

The Racoe “sale” is unlike a conventional sale, if a client agrees to work with us, it’s not a case of the cost; it’s how much can we return to our clients.

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