Why outsource your procurement & cost management ?

The benefits of outsourcing procurement:

Outsourcing your procurement and cost management to Racoe provides you with crucial visibility to your absolute expenditure levels, enhances management procedures and accountability, whilst reducing operational costs

Clients that provide us with a clear mandate, pre agreed reporting and project evaluation structure, get the most out of working with Racoe.   Our independence and use of spend specific specialists ensures that we are well positioned to manage and implement adopted projects within your organisation, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and achieving fiscal targets.

  • Improved pricing
  • Cost reduction
  • Detailed market intelligence
  • Detailed supplier intelligence
  • Fragmented buying is removed
  • Independant positive result-driven advice
  • Companywide savings plans

We offer you full accountability for savings and improved supplier performance, Racoe become one of your team, following the reporting structure and style that best suits your organisation.

Improving your bottom-line

Increased performance comes by increasing sales revenues and also by reducing the costs of doing business. Outsourcing cost procurement can transform purchasing and supply performance to unlock significant savings and value streams.

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