Looking to reduce your operating expenses?

Looking to reduce your operating expenses?


Racoe can help you manage, drive-down and control your expenditure, adding to your profitability.

Racoe offers senior executives and business owners access to spend specific industry specialists who ensure best-practice and compliance, that even the biggest and best known consultancies are yet to embrace.

Racoe deliver increased control on sourcing activities through a proven procurement methodology, backed by a rigorous and robust governance model.

Racoe are listed as a supply partner to the Cabinet Office – Government Procurement Services Frame Work. This endorsement means that senior executives from government, UK public sector, including health, local government, devolved administrations, education and not for profit organisations can use our services without needing to do their own costly and time consuming due diligence on the business.

Cost reduction techniques should be evaluated in terms of impact on your organization. Prioritizing the goals of your cost cutting program will insure only appropriate strategies are implemented.

Racoe start by sending you a dedicated account manager, this will be your first point of contact, their aim is to understand your current strategy, and to formulate a work plan to achieve your desired goals.

Just a thought


Have you ever noticed the way that successful organisations just seem to get things right, it’s not luck; it is open minded, decisive management that encourages positive thinking and rewards passion.

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